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Matador, Shiba San, PQM
Release date : Oct. 05, 2015
Label : Yoshitoshi Recordings


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You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.

These nine words, when they first spilled out of sound systems in 2002, immediately captured the hearts and imaginations of dancers worldwide. The dark vocals and tribal beat of the original were then reworked by Luke Chable, whose entrancing rendition remains one of the most legendary records ever released on Yoshitoshi.

In 2015, two remixers on their respective thrones in techno and house were contacted to rework the classic. Matador and Shiba San both delivered compelling renditions that capture the original’s darkness, paired with their unique styles of delivery.

Matador’s remix extends the dark subversiveness of the original, incorporating sweeping, reverb-drenched textures and ominous synth patterns. The looming mix is a sure-to-be room filler at this year’s ADE.

The second remix is exactly what you’d expect from Shiba San; a distinctly G-house groove built around gigantic bass and a distinct sexiness that will resonate with crowds regardless of their appreciation for house music.

The package now includes a remastered version of Luke Chable’s ‘PQM Meets Luke Chable’ mix. We hope you enjoy this very special Yoshitoshi 20th Anniversary package.