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Victor Ruiz, Cristoph, Luzon
Release date : Jul. 20, 2015
Label : Yoshitoshi Recordings


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When it arrived on the progressive house scene in 2000, it quickly made the rounds as a tune to be reckoned with. Played by nearly everyone in the industry, its haunting vocals and psychedelic synths captured the minds and hearts of ravers worldwide.

Now, fifteen years later, Victor Ruiz and Cristoph have put their own spins on the Yoshi Classic. Victor contributes a round, pulsing bass line that has had listeners of Sharam’s recent sets ask, “what IS this?” Victor’s unique style of impeccably-mixed, maximalist tech house is a tenacious tribute to Luzon’s composition, capturing the psychedelic energy of the original and warping it into what will no doubt be a staple in many of this summer’s sets.

Where Victor opts for immensity, Cristoph dials back to reveal a dark and beautiful side of Baguio unheard before. Delicate sounds float in and out as the tune unveils, building to a dramatic vocal climax that guides the composition to its close in an outcry of raw emotion.

The new package includes an expertly remastered version of the original “Igorot Vocal” mix. When put together, the three create a complimentary system of sound, imparting new depths to the classic. We hope you enjoy the return of the Luzon’s “The Baguio Track.”