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Th;en, Starkato, Drunken Kong, Thomas Schumacher $5.96
Release date : Apr. 07, 2017
Label : Sprout


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Th;en & Starkato land on the infamous and ever reliable Sprout, with an absolute stormer of a release.

So let’s get straight to the music then! ‘Sundance’ is a bassline led growly techno gem, that intensifies, and the melodies build, creating an epic, yet spacious gem that will do serious damage to the dancefloor of many a dark club and festival this summer!

Moving forward with ‘Envy’ and we find a a melancholic melodic affair, somewhere where dreaminess meets fierceness. Punchiness and drive here, but with an air of restraint, and the melodic warmth leaning on a slightly moodier vibe all works superbly adding to the depth here.

The first remix of ‘Sundance’ comes from Japanese rapidly rising techno act Drunken Kong. Their hallmark serious edge starts the track off before superb use of the arp and squelching bass suddenly turn this in to a bit of a ‘moment’. Non nonsense, and thats why we like it!

And then if that wasn’t enough, legendary techno master Thomas Schummacher also delivers a gem! Wonky bass, and a subtle and infectious build here, as an emotive outpour unfurls its magic.

Spoilt for choice? You better believe it!