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Khainz, Gabriel Boni, Uone
Release date : Jun. 04, 2015
Label : Sprout


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Signals… A function that conveys information about behaviour or attributes of communication as a current, voltage, or electromagnetic waves. WOW!!! What a response to Uone’s previous release on Sprout Music in September 2014; it stayed at number one in the minimal charts for 12 consequitive weeks. Now he is back with another killer single – Alien Signal. A stunning 3 track EP featuring original plus two impressive remixes from Brazil’s young gun Gabriel Boni & Swiss progressive tech guru Khainz. The original track takes the listener on a windy melodic ride with subtle touches of organic percussions & trippy vocals, a typical journey of what you would expect from a Sprout Music original. Brasilia native Boni brings a out-of-galactic deep house version, focusing on detuned sounds and a twirling arrangement. Finishing off is Khainz, who pumps up the tempo and makes for an outdoor techno stormer.