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Victor Ruiz
Release date : Sept. 07, 2015
Label : Yoshitoshi Recordings


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Following the massive success of his remix of our classic The Baguio Track, Victor Ruiz is back with two originals, planting himself firmly as one of Yoshitoshi’s most exciting artists. A mainstay in Sharam’s sets, it has been of the most sought after records from Deep Dish’s Ultra Miami 2015 set.

The A-side, Rollercoaster, sounds exactly how the name implies. A rolling bass rises and falls throughout the arrangement like the hills and troughs of a turbulent ride. Big swells and builds keep the tune dynamic and exciting as the ride continues to its final drop; tech house madness at its boldest.

Thunderstorm pays tribute to the electro house of artists like Justice and Gesaffelstein, utilization harsh sequenced synth lines, sample reduction, and big noise fills to create a driving, tense energy.

It’s hard to imagine a better original debut on Yoshitoshi. Victor’s vision is clear cut and his production chops refined to an almost incomprehensible level. We hope you enjoy Rollercoaster/Thunderstorm.