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Khainz, Groove Delight, Alex Stein, K.A.L.I.L.
Release date : Mar. 26, 2015
Label : Sprout


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Two Sprout favourites ‘Alex Stein’ and ‘K.A.L.I.L.’ collaborate on ‘Don’t Panic’, a throbbing bouncy little number, with its dark brooding synth line, meeting trippy fx and occasional sinister edged warped growling wall of sound. This is a serious workout for the cooler techno dance floors for sure.

On remix duties we find a fellow Sprout producer ‘Khainz’, whose remix takes things deep, as the moody rework groves along, but then the crazy drop introduces a rising effected synth to cause a little bit of mayhem…

Rounding things off nicely are ‘Groove Delight’ who bounce things right up again, with its skippy edged beats sand filthy synths and noises colliding as this remix motors along taking no prisoners. Dark and deadly!